Our work

The Challenge

The client had an old, bespoke website that wasn't very visually appealing. Our designers then came up with a few variations of the website that would help visually represent the ethos of the company and what they can do to help clients. A long with this, the client had amassed a huge collection of content from it's old website that presented a challenge to our developers to migrate, modify and import into a new CMS.

The Solution

Our developers were up to the task, they built a bespoke migration script that pulled the existing content from the old website and imported into the Drupal installation. This script handled media, clean URL's and cleaning up the old HTML code that was present in most pages. Following this we coded the signed-off design and implemented into Drupal. The client was very happy and has had a lot of success following this re-build.

Drupal CMS + migration tool

Since the website has undergone a re-design and re-build it has featured on Jeremy Kype, ITV, Daily Mail and The Times just to name a few!

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